3 Reasons Why You Should Take Anal Care Seriously

There are umpteen different categories of health that people tend to neglect, from sexual health to potential tumors on testicles. However, one area of the human body that really suffers from neglection and does not get the treatment which it potentially needs – the anus.

There are numerous conditions which affect the anal passage, as well as the area surrounding it, and this article is going to sum up 3 reasons why you should take anal care seriously and treat things that may not seem all that serious.


hgdhgd74Hemorrhoids are tiny lumps coming from emerging veins around your anus and can cause severe discomfort if untreated. The sensation of pain coming from hemorrhoids comes in numerous forms, including painful bowel movements, itching around the anus and, potentially, fecal leakage. Such symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable and sometimes may even cause discomfort sitting down, leaving you with limited options of what to do.

What you should do is to look after your anus and do as much as you can to prevent these matters from enhancing, or even stopping them altogether. To prevent hemorrhoids, you need to look at your diet; maybe you’re not consuming enough fiber or straining too hard to when on the toilet. These are such minor occurrences yet can cause you so much pain, so look after your anus and these things will not occur as much.

Anal Fissures

Anal fissures come in the form of minor tears which locate themselves on the lining of your anus; sometimes they come in the form of an open sore. The main symptom which comes in from an anal fissure is a sharp pain during bowel movements. However it is the bowel movements which may stop healing from occurring. Like hemorrhoids, preventing fissures on the anus from occurring mainly associate with the diet, such as not consuming enough fiber and holding in a bowel movement as this could cause the stool to become much harder to pass. Again, anal care is extremely important and can be the solution to potentially extreme pain.

Anal Sex

ghdd74Most people will associate anal care with anal sex, such as techniques to prevent damage and sexual health prevention. Sexually transmitted diseases and infections can also apply to the anus, making anal care sexually just as relevant to this topic. It is possible to pass Herpes, Gonorrhoea, and Parasites through anal sex, possessing the potential to cause extreme damage, not only to your anus but also deep inside your body such as your gastrointestinal tract. This highlights the importance of anal health in terms of your whole bodily functions as well as your bowel movements. To prevent such occurrences, the common method is to wear a condom.

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